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Mews Report!

Oct 16, 2016

Howdy, howdy folks. Sheba here, and I've been called into do this weeks report for you all. I may be a grand old 12 years of age, and may have let myself go a little bit...but I'm still very cuddly, playful and love my toys. Plus I know several of my commands. Although sometimes when you say sit, I may give paw instead. But I'm getting on, so you can forgive that.


I may have only entered the centre a couple of weeks ago, but already I've seen lots of animals find their new homes. Over 40 already have found somewhere to call home, which is great for them. I am very happy for them. We've had a number of rabbits leave just recently, which is good because they aren't as popular pet as they used to be. One of the lucky ones was Red. She was a big ol' girl like me, but her adopters fell in love with her which was marvellous. As usual lots of cats have gone home, and a good few dogs too, including Alfie and Monty. They'd been her a little while, and at 8 and 9 years of age weren't necessarily everyones cup of tea. But a nice gent' saw their potential, so it's a happy ending for them.

Alfie and Montyrsz.jpg

This week we've had a few cats enter the centre in less than ideal conditions. We had Sable and Saffron come here after they were found in a cardboard box just up the road. Poor little things. Thankfully they must have been taken care of as they are in good condition, they're just a little shy at the moment. So if you're passing through the cattery you may not see them. We also had a little five-six month old kitten called Trick come in. Some fella just walked in with him in his arms. Turns out he had a nasty wound on his side, but thankfully it's scabbing over now, so hopefully no lasting damage has been done.

I'll tell you what we have got a lot of in at the moment, budgies! Seven of them in fact. Still though, they're a pleasant bunch and not too much bother, or so the staff were saying. I'll have to go and say hullo later to them.

Custard and Creamrsz.jpg

Blimey, I can't believe it's nearly November already! It's getting pretty chilly at night now. It'll soon be coming up to fireworks night, so keep your eyes posted in the next week or so for tips and tricks about how to keep us dogs and cats safe and as stress free as possible.

That's all for now my lovelies, until next time.

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