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Please Support the Abbey Street Christmas Appeal

Nov 29, 2016


From one supporter to another... Please help to keep a homeless animals food bowl full this winter.

When I first met Ralph, there was an unconditional kindness about him, even though it was clear Ralph hadn’t had the best start to life, the excitement and joy in his character was infectious. I just knew that I wanted to give Ralph the second chance in life, to have his very own forever home. I wanted to provide him with all the love, care and affection he deserved.

I’m Karen, Ralph’s new mum, and whilst I knew that Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre was the place to go for our new family member, what I wasn’t aware of is that it relies entirely on donations like yours and mine to operate throughout the year; rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming defenceless animals.

I’m told that over the winter months the heating bill at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre rockets, keeping the animals nice and warm isn’t cheap and so the financial burden rises significantly throughout the winter.

Which is why I’m writing to ask you if you could help by making a donation to our Christmas dinner appeal. Making a donation will help to keep a homeless animals food bowl full with nutritious food, over the Christmas season.

Your local animal rehoming centre helps on average 750 cruelly treated or neglected animals every year; and it’s all made possible by the generosity and kindness of people like you. I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you on behalf of Ralph and I for supporting the Centre.

I don’t need to tell you that every penny raised through this Christmas appeal will go directly towards meeting the needs of even the most delicate stomachs during this festive season. Sadly, many of the animals that the Centre takes in require specialist foods relieving cases of ‘nervous’ tummy through to specialist post-operative diets for the many species that they care for. 

Ralph was rescued from the most terrible situation. 

Words really can’t describe the joy you’ve brought to my life. Because of your generosity, Ralph was able to make a full recovery from his horrific experience. Today, Ralph and I share walks in the park and woods exploring the sights, sounds and smells. Ralph’s particularly bemused by those ‘small grey dogs’, that can climb trees, super fast.

Like any other dog, Ralph loves to play, but after the fun he loves nothing more than a cuddle. He amazes me, despite his awful experience Ralph provides the most deep and unconditional love – he makes me smile every day.

This Christmas Ralph will be truly spoilt with his very own Christmas dinner and toy, but sadly many animals won’t have found their forever home yet, so please make a donation to make this Christmas just as perfect for them too.

I’ve seen first hand the many animals that the Centre takes in and cares for - animals that truly deserve to be a part of a loving family. Your donations are absolutely vital in getting them through the first steps of rehabilitation in order to find the new homes and loving families they deserve.

If you’re able, adding an extra £1 to your gift could buy a feeding toy, helping to stimulate an animal’s mind and bring some festive cheer to a furry friend spending Christmas at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre.

If you’re like me, you simply won’t be able to help yourself. The joy Ralph gets from launching his toy in the air and bouncing about, even if a leg short, is a wonder to behold. Not a single day passes where we aren’t thankful to the Centre for getting Ralph through the unimaginable torture he received, if you have a moment please read his case below. Tragically many of the animals that the Centre cares for have suffered terrible experiences.

Your donation means you can be with the Centre in spirit as they provide a comforting and nutritious Christmas dinner. Sadly, for some animals this may be the first Christmas they’ve spent in a safe environment with the love, care and attention they so desperately need right now.

I’m extremely thankful for the work the team do at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre. Without their dedication and your support, Ralph simply wouldn’t be here this Christmas. So on behalf of Ralph and all the other animals at the Centre, we’d like to say a big thank you for keeping this safe haven full of the love and passion for animal welfare and ask that you please help to make this Christmas the best yet.

Thank you, 

Karen Vernon

Ralph’s Mum and Supporter


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