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A Little Bit of Hope and Faith

Hope and Faith are two lovely little cats who are looking for a home together. They're not just your average cats though, there's something special about their story. Have a read here.
In May a member of the public came to the Centre with two cardboard boxes he had found left on the park. He had a shock when he opened these boxes, as he found two female cats and …

The Importance of Routine Treatments

Do you keep up to date with the routine treatments your pet requires? They could be more important than you think.
Every animal that arrives at our centre is given all the health care they need before they go to their new home - this can be anything from antibiotics to pain relief and everythin…

Bark in the Park 2014

This year saw our fourth annual dog show, Bark in the Park, at Markeaton Park. Have a read about this fantastic day and some of the lovely dogs we saw!
An overcast morning signalled the start to our fourth annual dog show, Bark in the Park, held at Markeaton Park. We had faith in the weather forecast that assured us the sun would …

Six Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pair Of Cats

Are you considering adding a new feline friend to your family? Here are six reasons why eight paws are better than four...
Ever heard the expression 'The more the merrier'? It applies to a lot of things, but cats are definitely up at the top of the list! We get a lot of bonded pairs of cats entering th…

Small Animals, Big Responsibility

Small pets such as hamsters, birds and guinea pigs can seem like an easy option of a pet but in reality they require a lot of time and attention that some people aren't prepared to offer.
Recently we have had a huge number of small animals enter our care from people who no longer had the time to give to their pets and so had to rehome them - the Miscellaneous Area i…

Elroy's Looking for a Home

Elroy has been searching for his forever home for 3 months now - could you be the one for him?
Elroy is a lovely older German Shepherd cross who has been waiting far too long for a home of his own. Unfortunately shortly after he arrived he was poorly and had to stay in his k…