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Delightful Degus

Degus are often with us for many months before they find their home as people just don't know enough about them. Read our blog post and see if they're the perfect pet for your family!
Here at the Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre we find homes for many different animals - dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, mice and rats are all common visitors …

Christmas Foods for your Pet to Avoid

Christmas is a time when we all over-indulge a little, but there are some things that it's important you ensure your pet avoids. Read this blog post for more information!
Christmas is a time when we all over-indulge on our favourite foods with our friends and family around us. For many of us our pets are an important part of the family, we want them…

The Mews: 17th to 23rd November

Have a read of all the Mews from the past week, from Sir Felix Purrington!
Miaowy Greetings everybody!  Wow it's been quite a week at the Centre. There's been a lot for the staff to cope with over the past 7 days, not least being the new arrivals... …

The Benefits of Owning a Pet

Pets give us so much in life, read about all the benefits you gain by owning a furry best friend!
All pet owners will tell you that their relationship with their pets is special; some will even say they get on with their pets better than they do with most people. Pets are funny…

The Mews: 10th to 16th November

Have a read of all the happenings at the Centre this past week!
Miaowy Greetings everybody, it's Sir Felix here! I apologise for the delay in sending this post, but I've been very busy at the Centre helping the staff with the arrival of some ti…

The cost of caring for our animals

We often get queries, and sometimes complaints, about the adoption fee we charge for our animals. This blog post explains why we have our fee, and just how much it costs us to care for our animals
We receive queries, and even sometimes complaints, from members of the public about the amount that we charge for our animals. Currently the adoption fee is £95 for an adult cat, £…

The Mews: 3rd to 9th November

Read all about the happenings at the Centre this past week from Sir Felix Purrington
Miaowy Greeting everybody - it's Sir Felix here! Well it certainly has been a bit of a miserable week weather-wise. It feels as though the start of winter is truly upon us and I …

Furry Face Selfies

Recently there have been lots of fundraising drives on social media - from ice bucket challenges to wake up selfies. We thought it was about time the animals got involved. Say hello to the Furry Face Selfies!
We've entered a new era of fundraising for charities! Recently there has been an advent of social media being used to raise money for charities, from ice bucket challenges to wake …

The Mews: 27th October to 2nd November

Read all about the happenings at our Centre this past week from Sir Felix Purrington
Miaowy Greetings! Headlines This past week the Centre saw two particularly difficult cases of dog abandonments. This is poignant considering that recently there has been lots…