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0300 1234 999

Join us for walkies at our at Bark in the Park event. It's great fun for both you and your pooch.

Help us to meet the demands of unforeseen medical attention that animals like Ruby so urgently need.

The animals we rescue rely entirely on the generosity of people like you. We simply can’t help them without you. Please support our work by making a donation.

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An Interview With...Heather

Meet Heather, our Office Manager
Heather is our Office Manager, and is the person to go to if you need anything for the centre. She knows everything there is to know about health and safety, and gets everything fi…

An Interview With...Alex

Meet Alex, our Animal Care Assistant
Alex has been working at the centre as an Animal Care Assistant for around a year now, after giving his time as a volunteer for a few months beforehand. He is a big cat lover and y…

An Interview with...Victoria

Meet Victoria, our Income Generation Manager
Victoria has been working with us for a few years now and is responsible for generating income for the centre. She mostly works on site, but also has to disappear for meetings ever…

What is Big Walkies?

This year we've been chosen to take part in the Big Walkies campaign - but what is it, and how can you get involved? Find out here!
If you follow us on social media you will have seen us constantly talking about Big Walkies. This is because we're very excited to be hosting an event this year in Derbyshire! We'v…

An Interview With...Mat

Meet Mat, our Animal Care Team Leader
Mat has been working at the Abbey Street site for a very long time, so you will most likely have spoken to him at some point regarding adopting an animal! He has recently been prom…

Why See An Animal Behaviourist?

Animal behaviourist Julie Bedford explains what you should expect if you decide to take your pet to a behaviourist for help combating problems.
Occasionally pets display behaviour that may, at best be inconvenient, or at worse cause serious concern.  Usually the behaviour is perfectly normal, just not acceptable in a domes…

An Interview with...Deb

Meet Deb, our Branch Manager
Deb is the Branch Manager here at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre - this means she is the lady in charge! She is a busy woman, with many meetings with various people attached t…