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The Differences Between Adopting a Cat and a Kitten

Would you be better suited to rehome an adult cat or a kitten? We give you the low down on what to expect with either.
Cats and kittens make wonderful pets, but they have different needs depending on their age as well as the individual animal so how do you know which would be better suited to you? …

What Do You Need For Your New Cat?

What items do you need to have ready for when you adopt your new cat?
It's such a busy and exciting time when you're preparing to bring your new cat home, so what do you need to think about organising beforehand? Preparation is key when it comes to n…

Rehoming a Nervous Cat

Nervous cats can make very rewarding pets for the right people. Could it be you?
Cats enter our care for various reasons, and we always carry out behaviour observations for every individual to find out what sort of home they are looking for when they go up for …

An Interview With...Sian

Meet Sian, our Animal Care Assistant
Sian joined the animal care team in 2013 and has always been happiest when working with the dogs - the bigger the dog, the better (although her own dog is a tiny Jack Russell!). Sh…

Cat Myths: Busted

Cats are quite mysterious creatures, which is most likely why so many strange myths have cropped up about them over the years! However most of these can be debunked...
With their funny habits, love of tripping us over and mysterious body language, cats have amassed a number of strange myths that many people still believe. We've put together a lis…

An Interview With...Karen

Meet Karen, our Customer Care Assistant.
Karen works in reception as a Customer Care Assistant - you'll often see her manning the desk or speak to her if you ring us at the centre. She also fosters pregnant cats for us, …

A Day In The Life Of Anastasia The RSPCA Cat

One of our cats gives you a breakdown of her day in the cattery at the centre. Read about a typical day for Anastasia whilst she's searching for a home.
Anastasia is a female cat, who has been searching for a home for quite a while now! She was transferred to us from another RSPCA centre as they had struggled to rehome her and thou…