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Mews Report

Here's a catch up on how things have been in July so far
Hello ladies and jelly beans, the name's Dan and I've taken over the Mews Report for this one. Alwight? Lovely jubbly. Well I trust you've all been keeping cool in this heat wave w…

Caring for Degu's

Here's a little blog on caring for a bit of an unusual pet.
What are degus? Degus are a member of the rodent family and orginate from Chile in South America. They grow to around 5-8 inches in length and can live for between 5-8 years. Degu…

Staying Safe in Summer

Summer is many people's favourite time of year, so how can you get your pet involved but keep them safe at the same time? Read these helpful tips to ensure you have a safe summer!
Summer is such a wonderful time of year - the days get longer, the temperature rises and everybody is definitely in the mood for soaking up the sun! It's important to consider the …

Adult and Older Kitty Moos

Why an adult cat could be best for you
Why choose an adult cat? Here at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre, we currently have 23 adult cats looking for a new home. We have quite a number of them that have been with u…

What is poisonous to your cats and dogs?

A few things that may prove detrimental to your beloved pets health. Some you may know, some you may not have known.
POISON! We pretty much all know that chocolate is poisonous to cats and dogs. But there are quite a lot of things that we can find in and around the home that can prove detrimenta…

Why should I vaccinate my pet?

This blog is all about vaccinations for your pet.
Last year, it was estimated that nearly half of British households are pet owners. With approximately 58 million pets: cats, dogs and rabbits account for nearly 17 million of thos…