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Mews Report

Catch up with a little of what's been happening at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre
Hellooo there ladies and gentlemen. I am your host this week, and my name is Zoe. I arrived at the centre after I had been found in a garden having given birth to my five lovely ki…


A quick little blog on pet obesity. There's really no need for it, so don't do it!
What is obesity first of all? It is defined as being at least 20% above an individual’s ideal body weight. 20%-40% above this is considered mildly obese, and 40 % is moderately. 1…

Mews Report

A catch up with your friendly, neighbourhood rehoming centre. Find out about the comings and goings at Abbey Street.
Meow darlings. Tassia's the name, napping is the game! I've been rudely awoken to give this Mews Report for August so far. So here goes sweeties... I've only been here a we…