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5 Reasons Cats are Pretty Awesome

Cats are among the most popular pets in the world. But just why are cats so awesome??
There's about a million and one reasons why we love cats, but we couldn't possibly fit all of those in one post - so here's 5 of them: 1. They can rock just about anything …

Coco is looking for company

Coco has been looking for a forever home for over two months now. Is she the one for you?
Coco is one of our longest stay cats, having been in our care for over two months now. She arrived at the centre via an RSPCA Inspector and hasn't had a great start in life. Becaus…

Black Cat Blues

Our centre sees hundreds of black cats dumped every year, and they are the hardest to rehome. Could you help?
In 2013, Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre rehabilitated and rehomed a whopping 339 cats. Whilst most of these will have stayed in the centre for a couple of weeks and found thei…

A Little Bit of Hope and Faith

Hope and Faith are two lovely little cats who are looking for a home together. They're not just your average cats though, there's something special about their story. Have a read here.
In May a member of the public came to the Centre with two cardboard boxes he had found left on the park. He had a shock when he opened these boxes, as he found two female cats and …