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Help us to meet the demands of unforeseen medical attention that animals like Ruby so urgently need.

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An Interview with an RSPCA Shop Manager

We spoke to Paul about his job at our Ripley charity shop
Paul is the manager of our Ripley charity shop, so we wanted to speak to him to see what his job involves and how his hard work helps us take care of animals at the centre. We have…

An Interview with an RSPCA Inspector

We spoke to Inspector Sarah Burrows about her job as an RSPCA Inspector
Sarah works for National RSPCA as an Inspector, meaning she works on the frontline helping animals and removing them from dangerous situations, as well as speaking to people about …

An Interview With...Sian

Meet Sian, our Animal Care Assistant
Sian joined the animal care team in 2013 and has always been happiest when working with the dogs - the bigger the dog, the better (although her own dog is a tiny Jack Russell!). Sh…

An Interview With...Karen

Meet Karen, our Customer Care Assistant.
Karen works in reception as a Customer Care Assistant - you'll often see her manning the desk or speak to her if you ring us at the centre. She also fosters pregnant cats for us, …

An Interview With...Heather

Meet Heather, our Office Manager
Heather is our Office Manager, and is the person to go to if you need anything for the centre. She knows everything there is to know about health and safety, and gets everything fi…

An Interview With...Alex

Meet Alex, our Animal Care Assistant
Alex has been working at the centre as an Animal Care Assistant for around a year now, after giving his time as a volunteer for a few months beforehand. He is a big cat lover and y…

An Interview With...Mat

Meet Mat, our Animal Care Team Leader
Mat has been working at the Abbey Street site for a very long time, so you will most likely have spoken to him at some point regarding adopting an animal! He has recently been prom…

An Interview with...Deb

Meet Deb, our Branch Manager
Deb is the Branch Manager here at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre - this means she is the lady in charge! She is a busy woman, with many meetings with various people attached t…

An Interview With...Lucy

Meet Lucy, our Animal Care Manager
Lucy has been at Abbey Street for quite a while now, and has worked her way to becoming Animal Care Manager. This means she oversees the care of the animals at the centre, and lead…

An Interview With...Hayley

Meet Hayley, our Customer Care Assistant
Hayley is one of our Customer Care Assistants and you'll usually find her manning the desk in reception. In fact she's probably helped you with paperwork, assisted with your adopti…

An Interview With...Meg

Meet Meg, our Animal Care Apprentice
Meg is the newest member of the team and is currently settling in at the centre before working towards a qualification in animal care at Broomfield College alongside her practical …

An Interview With...Denise

Meet Denise, our Animal Care Assistant
Denise is our longest-serving Animal Care Assistant and has gained a lot of wisdom in her 12 years at the centre! She is a whizz with the dogs, and knows just how to gain their tru…

An Interview With...Catherine

Meet Catherine, our Volunteer Coordinator and Customer Care Assistant
Catherine is our Customer Care Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator. She spends most of her time in reception, but you'll often find her squealing over puppies elsewhere in the cent…