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Leave a gift in your Will

Over the years, legacy gifts have helped us build and maintain our Animal Centre. Today, these gifts are as vital as ever, allowing us to upgrade our animal accommodations, invest in new initiatives and help more animals than ever before.

How gifts in Wills have helped

Legacies allow us to continue to help animals day in and day out. Simply put, if not for gifts in Wills we would not exist. However, alongside this there are some specific projects that legacies have funded for us.

In 2011 a gift left in a Will allowed us to upgrade our kennel blocks, which were in desperate need of a renovation.  As a result, the kennel backs are now fitted with central heating to keep our dogs warm in the winter and we can now use all of kennels all year round enabling us to accommodate more dogs. The design also allows us to isolate poorly dogs, reducing the risk of passing the infection onto others.  We also have a kitchen in each kennel block helping our staff to be more efficient and feed the dogs more quickly when needed.

For many years we used an old Inspector van, an ancient Vauxhall Astra, to take animals to the vets, go to events and transport goods to our charity shops. It wasn't large enough and we were aware that really it was coming to the end of its life! In 2013, due to generous legacies, we were able to purchase a much larger van which allows us to transport more animals - and isn't in danger of breaking down on every trip out! 

We have recently upgraded our cat intake room. This room is needed as a half-way house for new cats arriving at the Centre as it gives us time to assess whether they have any infectious diseases that we would not like to import into our rehoming catteries where all the cats are healthy or recovering from non-infectious health problems.  Each cat pod has a run attached, with climate control to ensure the cats are kept cool in summer and warm in winter.  An air-exchanger also ensures that the air in the buiding is changes regulary which again helps to prevent cross-infection between cats. This new room provides a safe, secure and enriched environment for new cats, which are those most in need of feeling happy and settled. 

These are just a few of the wonderful things that legacies have helped us to fund.

How a gift in your Will can help

In the future, neglected, abandoned and cruelly-treated animals will continue to have a place where they can be cared for, rehabilitated and rehomed. Your gift will help us with the every day costs associated with this, including veterinary costs, as well as the larger projects like our current cat intake project. Without your help, none of this would be possible.

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