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Please call first to ascertain if you are suitable to adopt Woody

Woody is a 1 year old male dog he came into the centre after his owner had a change of circumstances and could no longer look after him. woody has had a bit of a mixed past and has already had several homes in his short life as a result of this he is a little nervous at first to rust new people but once he makes a bond with you he is yours for life!

Woody is good with other dogs and can happily walk with one, he is a little over excited to meet new dogs so will need careful introduction so not to put the other dog off.

Woody has been used to living with adults so we feel he would be best to continue living in an all adult home. he is new owner need sot be someone who is experienced with the breed and has had experience in training nervous dogs before.

Woody is a bit of a barker in kennels but please do not be put off by this once out of the kennel he is very quiet.

Woody likes to be cuddled like a baby and especially likes sitting on knees of the people he loves and trusts. In the right home Woody will be a rewarding and wonderful companion.

Please enquire today to find out what requirements you need to be able to adopt woody.
Age: 2 years 0 months.
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Colour: Ginger and White
Sex: Male
Coat: Domestic Short hair
Size: Medium
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