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The reason we exist is to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate needy animals, so there is no greater joy for us than hearing how happy ex-residents are in their new homes. Have a read through some of our wonderful success stories!

Animals Happy in Their New Homes

We love to hear how our rehomed animals are getting along in their new homes, and we thought we would share some of these happy stories with you all! To see more of these, simply like our Facebook Page - we have an album full of success story pictures.

If you've rehomed an animal from us, please email a picture of them happy in their new home along with a few sentences about how they're doing to Rose, with 'Success Story' in the subject line.

George - Adopted November 2015

rsz_special_george.jpgGeorge is a very special boy who was looking for a home with dedicated owners who could look past his quirky personality and habits, as he was beaten to the point of brain damage by his previous owner. Luckily, he landed on his feet and has found a brilliant family after sadly being passed by for a long time. They got in touch recently to say "We have never adopted a dog before, so we took a chance on our previous experience and the time we could give to George to settle him in and show him lots of love. I took a week off work and this boy was trained in 3 days.  He now has 3 adults looking after him.  George is loving, great on his lead, intelligent and loves ice cubes!  We call him ‘piggy boy’ because he grunts a lot – especially when he is happy! After having a long time in shelters we cannot wait to see how he enjoys his first Christmas with us."


Achilles - Adopted September 2015

rsz_bob.jpgWe feared that Achilles would spend a while looking for a new home as it became apparent soon after he arrived that he was a bit of a handful - and not just size-wise! He liked nibbling on fingers, which isn't the best habit for a hamster to have. Luckily he wasn't searching for very long at all, and was soon snapped up by a loving adopter who wanted to give him a chance. Affectionately nicknamed Bob the Blob, this hamster has done very well for himself! Even though he still bites...



Bruno - Adopted December 2013

rsz_bruno_billy5.jpgBruno came to us via an Inspector after a particularly difficult start in life and as a result he was very underweight. Despite this he had a jolly personality and loved everybody he met. Almost as soon as he arrived he caught the eye of his new adopter. Even though he wasn't able to be adopted immediately, due to his poor body condition, the gentleman visited him several times a week until he was ready to go to his new home. He was able to take him home just in time for Christmas and Bruno (now Billy), has become the perfect dog for his new owner. He is constantly making new canine and human friends and enjoys every minute of his happy ending! Everybody who meets Billy comments to his adopter how lucky he was to adopt such a wonderful dog!

Gwen - Adopted May 2012

rsz_gwen.jpg Gwen was definitely a bunny with attitude! When she arrived she was unapproachable and we felt that she needed extra care and dedication and therefore a job for one of our dedicated fosterers who could spend lots of time socialising her. She had severe issues with hutch aggression and we hoped some time on foster would help to solve the problem.

She got off to a shaky start with the fosterer (Gwen didn't seem to realise that attacking somebody doesn't exactly endear you to them...) but after two months her fosterer had well and truly fallen for her. She told us that she had never met a rabbit who was more intelligent, active and, at times, downright funny. She just couldn't give her up so officially adopted her in May 2012 and now Gwen enjoys her life in the company of the other bunnies she lives with and, just sometimes, going for a cuddle with her adoptive mummy.

Gwen is pictured with her late 'hus-bunny' Charles.

Bonnie & Benjamin - Adopted 2013

rsz_1000728_684126588271296_835208243_n.jpgBonnie (left, previously Nana) and Benjamin (right, previously Michael) were the kittens of Tinkerbell the cat. Tinkerbell was a very special cat who was dumped outside our Centre in 2013 in a backpack when she was heavily pregnant. She gave birth in one of the offices, witnessed by staff members who felt very privileged to be present. Bonnie & Benjamin are much loved by their owners and are still the best of friends (most of the time!).

Opal - Adopted August 2015

rsz_opal.jpgOpal was found abandoned in a box - heavily pregnant and extremely nervous. Unfortunately, due to the stress of her terrible ordeal, she lost her babies and wasn't a very happy bunny. After a stint in a foster home and lots of TLC and rehabilitation, Opal went on to find a wonderful home. Now called Willow, her owners have said she's doing great!




Leo - Adopted June 2013

rsz_1069219_686325701384718_1582802668_n.jpgLeo is a special boy who had a very difficult time before he was brought into the care of the RSPCA. It would have been understandable for Leo to have been shy and withdrawn, but the opposite was true - he just loved everybody! He was transferred to us from a different RSPCA Branch after struggling to find a home with them. We created a video of Leo running around in the yard, showing off his stunning personality, and a couple saw the video and came down to meet him. He was the perfect dog for them and they have told us how much love him - even if he did take a bite out of their curtains!

Jessie - Adopted July 2015

rsz_jessie.jpgBeautiful Jessie spent a whopping 4 months in our care waiting for the right home where she could get the attention she desperately needed. Due to her past, Jessie had separation anxiety and needed owners with experience and lots of time to get her settled and happy so she could build up her confidence. During her time with us, Jessie lived with one of the managers in the office and loved playing with the staff in the yard, but we all knew she needed a home to be truly happy. Thankfully a perfect home was found! Jessie is one lucky girl and has wonderful adopters - you can see from that smile that she's definitely happy now.

Steve - Adopted March 2013

rsz_1069929_684779998205955_482122877_n.jpgEverybody at the Animal Centre had a special place in their heart for Steve. He was an unwanted pet who stayed with us for almost 5 long months, without any sign of interest from members of the public. He really was a kind-natured, gentle dog but unfortunately he barked in his kennel when the public walked past, which didn't attract much attention! Luckily, one day a lady on Facebook who lived a couple of hours drive from us expressed an interest in adopting a dog who really needed a home. We sent her pictures of Steve and she fell in love with his story and his photos. After a successful home visit she made the drive to meet him. As soon as she met him she knew he was the one for her and decided to take him home with her then and there. She calls him her 'velcro dog' as he is permanently strapped to her side! He even drags his bed outside when she's working outside so that he can be near her. After a few initial problems around his new owner's other pets - horses! - he is now best friends with them. We're so happy that he found the perfect home for him.

Lucy - Adopted 2013

rsz_1392826_746811605336127_272419018_n.jpgLucy (now Ruby) came to us as a skinny, poorly little four month old kitten. We sent her to stay with a foster family as she had quite severe cat flu and was in separate need of some TLC. She was such a loveable cat and her foster family adored her. When she was finally fully recovered, several months later, it was time for her to find a home of her own. Her new family travelled all the way from Cheltenham to adopt her! At first, she was quite unsettled and was scared of her new cat sister and her parents but after a little time and patience she soon settled down and realised how lucky she was! She's now a happy little cat who loves life.

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