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Woody & Buzz - Adopted January and August 2013

rsz_557343_704661099551178_908416351_n.jpgWoody (previously Harvey - sandy crossbreed) and Buzz (previously Derek - Staffordshire Bull Terrier) were both adopted from us at different times last year. Woody was adopted by their new family first and they quickly realised that he loved the company of other dogs. He played with every dog he met and, once he was settled well into their home, they decided it was time to get him a permanent play friend. They came down to the Centre to ask for advice and were introduced to Derek the Staffy, who, we had soon discovered, loved other dogs. Derek was a joy to be around and he quickly won the love of all the staff members due to his happy nature. Woody came down to meet Derek and within a couple of minutes they were playing together like old friends! Derek became 'Buzz' and the pair are still best friends. Their hobbies include eating and making new friends on the park.

Tinker & Twoey - Adopted 1995

rsz_601379_719407611409860_1538265366_n.jpgTinker & Twoey (pictured) were brothers who were adopted from our Centre in 1995 and spent 18 wonderful years with their adopter, before passing away in 2013. They were very well travelled cats as at the age of 2 they emigrated to South Africa and in their time they lived in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Barberton and Sabie! They brought up all of their owner's dogs and patrolled the perimeter of their acre garden until their very last days. Their owner sent us this message: "I just wanted to let you know that the second one of my two boys (Tinker & Twoey) I adopted from you passed away in my arms on the 21.08.2013. I am so very heart sore and miss them both more than I can express, once again thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt them and in return I received 18.5 years of unconditional love from my two boys."

Mikey - Adopted June 2013

rsz_1184899_745116018839019_341048974_n.jpgThis handsome dog had a very difficult start in life, before an RSPCA Inspector brought him to our Centre, and as such he required an extra special home who could help him to cope with his issues. When he arrived he found it difficult to cope with other dogs, as he had been part of a multi-dog household in the past, and was terrified of everything from doors to plastic bags. Over time, and as he developed strong bonds with certain staff members, he began to overcome these difficulties but what he really needed was a loving home of his own where he could feel loved and secure. Luckily for him, in early 2013 the right couple came along. They spend several weeks coming into the Centre to meet Mikey and bond with him. Since they have adopted him they have told us that he is now a real water baby (as the picture shows!) and he is now doing really well with other dogs. His confidence builds daily and he looks like a completely different dog. A true success story!

Moonbeam - Adopted 2013

rsz_moonbeam2.jpgMoonbeam, the Alaskan Malamute cross, arrived a very shy and unsure dog. She was distrustful of everybody and for several days didn't move from the same spot in her kennel front. One staff member spent lots of time sat near her, allowing her to get used to her presence and Moonbeam slowly began to come around. A few days later she trusted that staff member so much she allowed her to walk her from her kennel to the yard. After that she really turned a corner and began to show love and affection to all the staff members. 

Her new owners spotted her on the website and did their research on the breed. They thought they could offer her exactly what she needed and they made the trip from Cambridgeshire to see her. As soon as she was in the exercise yard with them she decided that she liked them! It was really was a fantastic match and they took Moonbeam, now renamed Roxie, home just before Christmas 2013: "Many thanks for your call today regarding Roxie, she is doing very well indeed and is extremely happy living with us.

Please find attached some pictures of Roxie settling in, as you can see she has no problem with other dogs at all and loves to play with our friends dog (shown) plus all of the dogs at doggy day care which she attends a couple of times a week.

She is quite a celebrity in our local pubs where she loves to relax with an ice cube and chew after long walks – we have some flooding in our local parks at the moment, but as you can see she doesn’t care at all! We wish you all the best, and thank you massively for letting us give Roxie a new life with us."

McGonagall - May 2014

rsz_mcgonagall.jpg"I have attached a picture of my lovely cats. The little tabby is McGonagall who I adopted from you on 16 May 2014. She is now called Sylvia and she loves my other cats. She is lying happily licking Stan who I adopted from your centre in Dec 2012. He was previously called Ghost. The third cat is Gilbert who I adopted along with Daisy, another black cat from the Stretton RSPCA in Dec 2011.  So I have four RSPCA babies and they all love each other - they are the most lovely adoring cats ever.

I also adopted Jessica and Bob-Bon (black and white baby rabbits) from you in May 2014 – they are now called Edith and Moomin and are very happy. I also adopted Clover and Jack, two Dutch rabbits from your centre in Oct 2012 and they are very happy running around my garden all day with Hilary, a rabbit from the Stretton RSPCA (previously called Baby) and Clive, a rabbit from someone who didn’t want him anymore. When Edith and Moomin have been neutered, the plan is for them to be with the other four rabbits too, running round the garden all day. The cats just lie around in the midst of all the rabbit fun!

Thank you for all my lovely pets."

Cleo - Adopted March 2014

rsz_cleo.jpgCleo was a very special dog for several reasons. Firstly, she was one of the sweetest, well-natured dogs you could meet - she just loved everybody she met and considered herself a lap dog. Secondly, we were her third RSPCA Centre as she was struggling to find a home. Thirdly, she had cancer. We discovered mammary tumours after she had been with us for a short time and realised the clock was ticking to find her a new home. We desperately wanted her to find a home of her own where she could know love for the last few months, or possibly years, of her life. 

We put an appeal out on Facebook and in the local media for a home, and the news eventually made its way to a lady on the Isle of Man. Anita rescues terminally ill or at risk dogs and gives them a home for life on her farm on the Isle of Man and when she heard about Cleo, she knew she had to help. She contacted us and offered Cleo a loving home. Luckily we have a contact on the Isle of Man who performed a home visit for us and before we knew it, Cleo was ready to go! We drove her up to the ferry terminal where Anita's partner met us and collected her. Cleo knew straight away and her happy ending was near. She greeted him like an old friend and left with him without even a look back! 

Anita has told us that Cleo settled straight in with the other dogs (despite sometimes being choosy with dogs when she was with us). She enjoys playing on the farm and going to the beach with her doggy friends. The cancer has sadly spread to her lungs but she is still happy and the vet has said she could still have many months left. She is her happiest when eating sausages and she's loving the finer things in life. We are so pleased that this lovely girl is experiencing love and happiness.

Update - December 2014: Sadly Cleo passed away early in December. She had 10 wonderful months with her adopter where she experienced all the love she could want.

Tiger & Louise - Adopted November 2013

rsz_tiger_&_louise.jpg"I adopted Tiger (now Piper) and Louise (now Phoebe) at the beginning of November 2013. They are sisters and had to be adopted together. I fell in love with them immediately and could not understand why someone had not snapped them up during their 4 months at RSPCA Derby. 

They were a little anxious to start with and hid under my sofa but they are now all settled in and playful. Louise (now Phoebe) is making good progress too as she was the 'nervous' one. 

They are my first cats and I am so delighted to have them. They are loved dearly by me and all who have visited me.

Many Thanks to all the team and all the work you do."

Foxie - Adopted January 2015

rsz_foxie3.jpgFoxie is an older lady who was adopted from us at the start of this year after spending a few weeks searching for new home. Since going to her new home she has been on a few holidays and made doggy friends! Her new owners have told us that she is really good off her lead, has put on weight and has come on leaps and bounds with her house training. They say that she really is part of the family now and we couldn't be happier for her!

We wish Foxie and her new family many years of happiness together.


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