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Our Cat Maternity Fund


Why do we need a cat maternity unit?

Our Centre is relatively small, and so we need to plan carefully to ensure that we meet both the needs of our animals and also make use of every available inch of space.

It is especially important that we provide a special space for our expectant mums. Many come into the Centre already laden with kittens, and may have suffered cruelty or neglect prior to coming into our care. They need to be isolated from other animals, away from any possible source of infection, and need a warm quiet place where they can give birth to and nurse their kittens.

Our fosterers provide much-needed respite and love for pregnant and nursing mums, but it is not always possible to place every mother out on foster, which is why we need space to house them here.

What will the new unit look like?

Our new Maternity Unit will have space for three families, each in their own pod. There will be a shelf in each pod under which a cosy and secure maternity bed can be made in which to give birth. Later cats may prefer to climb onto the shelf for a little peace and quiet away from their energetic kittens!

Each pod will be individually sealed to provide a quiet, safe environment. Safety flooring will cover the floor - adequate to withstand both the patter of tiny paws and the punishment from claws. There will be lots of toys and scratch posts to strengthen tiny muscles and to help cats and kittens stay active and stimulated both physically and mentally.

Why do we need your help?

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