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Provide a loving home for one of our animals.


Snoopy found her Furever home...

Every year we receive hundreds of animals that have been neglected, abused, or abandoned.

Cats like Snoopy…

Snoopy was brought to us in a terrible condition. She was found after being abused by a group of teenagers who kicked her, threw rocks at her and drove over her with a skateboard...

When Snoopy arrived it was clear that she was in a shocking state

Snoopy was in a bad state when inspectors brought her to us to take care of. She would barely move, she wouldn't make any noise, and she was so matted and dirty that we had to shave chunks of fur and a huge piece on her back that made it look like she was hunchbacked. 

Snoopy was seen by our vet and she was in dire need of a lot of dental treatment, also her kidneys were in a terrible state and were unsure if she would make it through anaesthetic if she had it for any treatments.

What we wanted for her was a nice cosy home to stay in while she was getting treated so she would feel at ease and to be able to live out the rest of her days in peace and quiet, and to be spoilt rotten! We found her a lovely foster carer and she is absolutely adored by her. She became a lot happier, and came out of her shell since being on foster for just a few weeks.

Now Snoopy is still having treatment and resting to gain full strength after her horrific ordeal. She's a lovely old girl and now has the most loving and kind home life one could ever wish for her to have – and it’s all thanks to our wonderful supporters.