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Want some advice on how to care for your pets? Have a look at these pages!

Have a look at our Community Animal Action Events where we offer animal welfare advice and low-cost welfare treatments

School Education Programme

We are always looking to enthuse and engage young people on animal welfare issues. As such, we run an Education Programme whereby we visit schools and youth groups, or invite these groups to the Centre, and talk to them about the valuable work of the RSPCA.

If you are interested in booking in a visit to your school or group, please contact Kerry Draper on 01332 344620. We can talk to your group for anywhere from a short assembly to a full lesson and can base the talk around specific areas of animal welfare should you wish. 

We also offer talks to other groups and welcome interest in these.

We offer these local talks, however if you're a teacher and you wish to create your own lesson plan based around responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, the National RSPCA offer lesson plans which can be found here.

For free interactive resources, that allow children to learn about the importance of properly caring for animals from their own home, have a look here.