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Meet Acorn

We have recently had a large amount of young and old mice arrive at Abbey Street. These mice are very sweet and have a curious nature.

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The mice are currently in slightly larger groups but can be rehomed in smaller groups of threes or fours, mice are very social-able and need to stay with friends.

Mice are very small and can be very active but tend to prefer night time. They need lots of hiding spots and will build small nests out of their bedding, the more mice you have in one cage the more you will need to clean it, so keeping 3-4 mice in one cage means you should be cleaning them once a week or so. Mice require fresh water daily and food which usually consists of mice nuggets - this may look bland but is generally better for your mice then mixed food or muesli as they will tend to be selective on this diet and may not be getting what they need!

If you would like to rehome some of our resident mice then please contact the Centre or visit us on Abbey Street. We are open 12.00pm-4.00pm everyday (except Wednesdays) and will be happy to help.


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    11 weeks.

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