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Meet Sparky

Sparky is a friendly and inquisitive rat so with some gentle handling should be come more confident being around people and being picked up.

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Sparky lives by himself due to squabbling with other rats so anyone taking him on to be mixed with others would need to get him neutered before attempting to mix him. (He may never mix).

Like larger pets small animals require plenty of love and attention too.

Please be sure to do your research before adopting a small animal it is important to consider how much time and space a small animal needs as well as ensuring you have the right accommodation and location for that accommodation.

We are always happy to help so please feel free to call us or email for help and advice.
Please also be aware when adopting a small animal for children some are nocturnal so will only be active at night.


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  • Age

    1 year 0 months.

  • Colour

    White and Brown

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