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Meet Violet

Violet requires a very particular home - Please check you match her requirements before contacting us

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Due to high demand for violet If you do not match these requirements please do not call or email - we will not reply.

* Female only owner/household
* Adult only home
* Must have Dachshund experience
* Needs someone willing to help her overcome her fears, not just live with them
* No other animals (may possibally live with another Dachshund)

after spending a lot of time with Violet observing and testing her thoroughly in different situations chosen the above requirements for her to meet her welfare needs.

These requirements are set in stone and we will not be altering our requirements for violet.

Violet can take a while to trust and can struggle with new people. She is especially uncomfortable around men.

Violet is a 2 year old Dachshund who came to us as part of the mass illegal breeding case recently.

This poor girl has been through it and has only ever known having puppies, her interactions with people have been limited and not too pleasant. That being said when she trusts you she gives herself 100% and her funny and charming character shines through. Food is the way to this girls heart have a tasty treat in hand and she's all yours.

Violet will need someone who understands the breed as they do have their own way of working and being a working breed need their mind stimulating.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts!!!


  • Can live with children age 16 years and over
  • Adopt me into a quiet house
  • Adopt me if you understand my breed
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  • Age

    2 years 3 months.

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