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Provide a loving home for one of our animals.


Misty a nine month old kitten and was brought in to our care early this week. Misty was handed over to the Centre as her new owner was unaware she was pregnant and although well-loved had no experience of the correct care an expecting young mum would require, as well as how to look after a litter of kittens. The responsible decision was made that the dedicated Animal Care Team at Abbey Street would make Misty's pregnancy as easy as possible. As well as her pregnancy Misty had contracted a virus at a young age which had resulted in her eyes not developing properly.

One of Misty's eyes is protruding from her head, with the other having not developed at all. Misty is partially sighted, with pressure behind her protruding eye- not only does she have to cope with that but she is a matter of weeks away from delivering a litter of kittens at only nine months old!

Misty was examined on arrival and provided with instant pain relief. With your help we can rehabilitate Misty so that she can continue living life in a loving home. We can also ensure Misty's litter of kittens get the very best start in life by providing them with regular vet checks, kitten food, toys, daily interaction and a comfortable bed at the Centre to call home for the time they are with us. As Misty is so young herself it is unlikely she will have much maternal instinct when her kittens arrive, therefore it is extremely likely that each kitten will need to be hand reared to ensure they stay as healthy as possible. It is also not known at this point whether the kittens will have contracted the same debilitating virus as Misty.

Whilst in our care Misty has received pain relief, a secure shelter and nutritious meals to provide the energy to keep fighting and to ensure her kittens stay as healthy as possible whilst they are still growing and developing- but there's a long road ahead for little Misty and her kittens.

It may be that Misty will also be required to have an operation to alleviate the pressure on her eye, which may result in her losing her eye. Antibiotics to fight any infection, on-going pain relief and specialist foods to help her build up strength. Currently our team are providing Misty with the affection and encouragement this young mother to be requires and so desperately deserves.

The cost of Misty and her kittens care is likely to reach in the region of £2,000. Can you help us to cover the cost of the present and on-going care and treatment Misty and her kittens require.

We rely entirely on the support and generosity of people like you, to help animals like Misty and her kittens. It costs £9,500 per week to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the many animals that require our help to find new loving homes.

As is often the case with many of the animals we receive Misty is a little fighter she is extremely friendly with a loud purr and is always on the lookout for the next person available for petting and cuddles.

We dont have to tell you that every penny raised in this appeal will go directly to Misty and her kittens care and those we receive just like her.

Thank you.  

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The staff at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre are delighted to announce that Misty has given birth to three kittens, they arrived in the early hours of Wednesday 13th March. Thankfully Misty's maternal instinct has kicked in and she is feeding them well and on first inspection all the kittens are healthy. Misty and her kittens are being lovingly looked after by one of one amazing volunteer fosterers. We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Misty and her kittens and donated to our appeal. There may be a long road ahead but Misty has jumped the first hurdle with ease, everyone at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre is so proud of her.