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An Interview with an RSPCA Shop Manager

Jan 27, 2016

Paul is the manager of our Ripley charity shop, so we wanted to speak to him to see what his job involves and how his hard work helps us take care of animals at the centre. We have three charity shops, that are essential for raising funds that all come directly back to the shelter. Paul works with other staff members and volunteers to keep the shop running, and the Ripley shop has a large amount of items including clothing, books, CDs, DVDs, toys, electrical items and furniture all donated by supporters who want to help the animals.


Paul is the manager of our Ripley shop

What is your job role?

"I am the manager at the Ripley RSPCA charity shop, and I work with Francis (our deputy manager) and our volunteers to keep everything running smoothly."

When did you start working at the RSPCA charity shop?

"3 and a half years ago I started working at the Belper RSPCA charity shop, and about a year and a half ago I moved to the Ripley premises."

Describe your daily responsibilitiesĀ 

"I'm involved with all aspects of running the charity shop. As a manager, I have to delegate jobs to other staff members and volunteers to ensure that all of our daily tasks are completed. I also speak to customers, dress the windows and come up with engaging window displays and sort through donations. Health and safety is an area that I am in charge of, and I also help customers and local businesses who are interested in making donations, as well as providing support at local events all to raise money for Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre."

Why did you want to get involved work for the RSPCA?

"I absolutely love animals, and they cannot speak for themselves so I wanted to do something to help them. With my knowledge of working in charity retail, and relevant skills for this job I am able to help animals by doing something that I'm good at and that I enjoy."

What is your favourite part of the job?

"Simply knowing that I'm making a difference is great! It's a rewarding job because I'm doing some good, and I know that I'm raising vital funds for the animal centre."


All of the funds raised at our charity shops go back into the centre to help animals like Troy

Tell us about part of your job that you're particularly proud of

"Beating my targets is really satisfying, and making sure that I'm generating stock over the door is important to me because it really helps with our fundraising. It's great knowing that the volunteers and customers come back to my shop regularly! I'm also proud of my work helping at Bark in the Park and the Carsington 7 Run, which are annual events held to raise money for the centre to continue helping abandoned, abused, unwanted and neglected animals."

Thank you Paul!

Tags: staff, charity shop
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