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The Importance of Volunteering

Jun 04, 2016

As part of RSPCA week we want to celebrate our fantastic volunteers as they are an essential cog in the wheel of running our rehoming centre. At our Branch alone we have volunteers helping out in a number of ways. We have a lady who comes to do the washing (towels, blankets, cat beds). We have people happy to do the cleaning for us! We have people taking photos for our website and displays, animal fosterer's, home visitors, dog walkers. Then there are the dedicated volunteers who help out at our big events such as Bark in the Park and Carsington, they are essential in helping our events run smoothly so we can raise plenty of money for our wonderful animals in need of new homes. 


It is a very rewarding role, the volunteers that we have are all proud to do what they can to help but there are always more jobs to do and we are always grateful for any help that we receive. We understand that everybody has different commitments, some volunteers are here several times a week whereas some volunteers help us at one fundraising event per year. If you can spare an hour a week fussing over some of our animals, this would make a great difference as it gives the animals the much needed affection that they crave.

How does all of this help you may ask. Well, it means we can concentrate on some other important tasks. These include micro-chipping and vaccinating our animals, training dogs, health checking new arrivals, helping people adopt the perfect animal for them. We may also have medication to administer or fleaing to do. Not to mention any number of things that may crop up during the course of the day. No two days are alike, that’s the nature of the business! Volunteer help at events allows us to take on more fundraising events and volunteer home visitors are essential to help our animals find a new home.

If you have a passion for animals and a willingness to make a difference, why not pop into your local branch and register your interest. I can assure you your time does not go unnoticed, and is hugely appreciated. Our staff will be happy to talk to you about the various areas you can volunteer in to help us to make a difference.

On a final note, we just want to say a HUGE thank you to all of our volunteers currently here at Abbey Street, the hard work and time that you put in to caring for our animals is amazing and our furry friends certainly appreciate all that you do. 



Tags: rspca, volunteer
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