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Mews Report

Jul 24, 2016

Hello ladies and jelly beans, the name's Dan and I've taken over the Mews Report for this one. Alwight? Lovely jubbly. Well I trust you've all been keeping cool in this heat wave we've been having. Enjoy it while you can, I've been watching the weather reports... Anywho, we've had the hose and paddling pools out here at Abbey Street. No hotdogs here, no sir!

I'm not going to lie folks, it's been a quiet one here so far this month. Normally we manage roughly the same, if not more, adoptions as the number of animals finding homes. But so far we've had more animals in then out! Now don't get me wrong, I love some of my new neighbours, I do. Heck, I've even found a new walking buddy with my mate Tyler. He's an old boy, he's been around the block a bit. But don't say that to his face whatever you do. So listen you bunch of lovelies, if you happen to be wanting to rehome a cat, a dog, a rabbit, or even gerbils, get down to see us. The staff don't bite, they're quite approachable you know.

Anyway, a few good stories, a couple of my old gang went home this month including an old geezer called Seamus. 10 years old he is. Brings hope to us all if an old codger like 'im can find a comfy spot. Then of course we had the new kid on the block, Kali find a home. Even I found it difficult to keep up with him! Full of energy he was. Sonny, a Jack Russell also found a home. I don't think I ever saw him sit still, full of beans he was. (He smelt like it too...) On the cats, Sasha went home after being on the books for nearly 4 months! Although she did have some little'uns to raise too. So even though she's one of them snooty felines, I still wished her all the luck in the world. She was alright...for a cat.

If you pop down you might notice the staff have tarted up the place. We've got a few new designs on the rabbit and cat accommodation. Can't wait to see what they've got for us dogs. Although... I do hope I'm outta here before then.

Cat decal.jpg

Rabbit decal.jpg


Lots of love, 

Dan, aged 6 years young


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