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Mews Report

Oct 23, 2016

'Ey up me duck? Harry 'ere to tell you what the haps has been at Abbey Street in the last week. As you we had a bumper month for rehoming last month at 117 animals. Crikey that were brilliant. Shame I weren't one of them, but I'm sure my time will be coming up pronto. In't first week a whole load have gone to their news homes already, and about another 20 animals are reserved and set to go home soon. Cracking. 


I've had a little nosey in't shop and seem a bunch o' new stuff. I've spotted a few beds to curl up on. So if you're after a few new bits and pieces for the little 'uns, you should take a gander. 



We've got some lovely bunnies in at the moment too. Four delicious...I mean pretty...pretty bunnies after some homes. I'm not allowed to loook after them for some reason. They're only about three months old, and word is they're great little characters.

Baby bunniesrsz.jpg

In't last Mews Report I think they mentioned a pup called Corki. Well he went on foster to see how he gets on, and he's doing great. He's toilet trained already, plays well with the other dog and sits for his food and everything. So I reckon he's got a home there! Job done init? Then Kiri the little hand rear kitten that were mentioned the other week, she's doing grand. She's using her litter tray now, and has recently started eating solid food. Little whippasnapper. She's got proper sharp little teeth now and everything. I saw her the other day playing with her little jingly ball and teddy. Not bad for saying she's not even five weeks old like. 



Right you lot, I've just seen a bag of treats so I'm off.

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