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Help us to provide a little more care this Christmas for animals like Ralph

Nov 29, 2016


Winter is truly here, and as we scrape the frost from my windscreen, my thoughts turn to the animals at the Centre, over the winter months the heating bill our Centre rockets, keeping the animals nice and warm isn’t cheap and so the financial burden rises significantly throughout the winter. 

We help on average 750 cruelly treated or neglected animals every year; and it’s all made possible by the generosity and kindness of people like you. I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you on behalf of everyone at the Centre for supporting us this year, in whichever way you have, from attending our Bark in the Park and various other events, even fundraising through running your own. You really are a team of super supporters, but we have one last ask this year, to help make a homeless animals Christmas the best yet!

Please help us to provide a little more care this Christmas, by making a donation to our Christmas dinner appeal. Making a donation will help to keep a homeless animals food bowl full with nutritious food, over the Christmas season. Just £3 can help to keep a homeless animals food bowl full this festive season. Text ‘YULE45 £3’ to 70070 to donate just £3 or donate online (below).


I don’t need to tell you that every penny raised through this Christmas Dinner Appeal will go directly towards meeting the needs of even the most delicate stomachs during this festive season. Sadly, many of the animals that we take in require specialist foods relieving cases of ‘nervous’ tummy through to specialist post-operative diets for the many species we care for. 

There is no better way to show you what your support achieves than to share Ralph’s story...

Ralph, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Boxer puppy, was brought to the Centre by a local Inspector at just 4-months old with a suspected leg injury. After initial x-rays were taken it was clear that Ralph was to be one of the worst cases of cruelty we had received to date.

Ralph’s leg had started to calcify, as a result of an untreated fracture. He had a split pelvis, several broken ribs and plastic foreign bodies in his stomach.

Sadly our vet had to remove Ralph’s leg, the injury was so severe there was no way to rectify the damage. Able to lead a perfectly normal life on three legs, and with his stomach cleared of a child’s toy and a syringe the main concern was Ralph’s lively personality. His broken pelvis and ribs required complete rest, so Ralph was confined to a pen and rehabilitation sessions. It was touch and go if it would heal well enough to lead a normal life.

After 4 months of love, care and attention, Ralph was finally given approval for rehoming. When Karen came through our doors to foster him. When Karen and Ralph saw each other it was love at first sight and we knew he’d found the loving home he truly deserved. Like many of the animals here, Ralph was unconditionally loving, completely able to trust again, and at least forgive humankind, if not forget the pain and suffering they can cause.

Without the continued support from fellow animal lovers in the community, the Centre can’t continue to alleviate suffering. But with the generosity of supporters like you we can be there for more animals like Ralph. 

This Christmas Ralph will be truly spoilt with his very own Christmas dinner and toy, but sadly many animals won’t have found their forever home yet, so please help us and make a donation to ensure this Christmas is just as perfect for them too. Text ‘YULE45 £3’ to 70070 to donate just £3 which will help to keep a homeless animals food bowl full this festive season.

Ralph was rescued from the most terrible situation. 

Karen says: "Words really can’t describe the joy you’ve brought to my life. Because of your generosity, Ralph was able to make a full recovery from his horrific experience. Today, Ralph and I share walks in the park and woods exploring the sights, sounds and smells."

Your support helped ensure that Ralph found his forever home and dedicated care that he so thoroughly deserves – thank you for your continued support.

Tragically many of the animals at the Centre have suffered terrible experiences like Ralph, so please support our Christmas Dinner Appeal, so we can nurture the tummies of some truly deserving animals this Christmas.

Text ‘YULE45 £3’ to 70070 to donate just £3 or donate online - Thank you. 


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