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86 Adoptions in June

Jul 05, 2017

Hello humans, my name is Mildred and this here is my husband George.


June has been a hot month for us here at the Centre! We have had a bit of a heat-wave and the staff had to bring out the fans for us all! We were very grateful, and of course got plenty of water and shade away from the sun! George was still his usual self and wanted to play in the sun, I however was quite happy lolling about in the shade and being waited on by the Animal Care Team. 

With 86 adoptions this month the staff have been hard at work trying to find perfect new homes for us! Luckily, we have all found new families, but there are always more animals that take our place in the Centre who are in desperate need of a new home.

Untitled design (1).png

This month, Abbey Street joined in the Ramathon and held a stall with plenty of things for sale, a tombola, RSPCA merchandise and free goodie bags! Heather, Kerry and Sadie, three of the team here at Abbey Street and some of our lovely Volunteers kindly attended to help run the Stall and a Hydration Station on behalf of the Centre. Kerry and Sadie had lots of fun handing out water and snacks to the hundreds of runners that attended Ramathon. Sadie even told me that Kerry had a little accident with a bike and almost fell into the River! Close call!


The bunnies have been on everyone’s lips recently, and they’ve told me it’s because it was Rabbit Awareness week from 17th – 25th June. I had a little talk with Meg, one of the Animal Care Team, and she told me it is to show people how to correctly look after their pet rabbits. It sounds like a lovely idea to me, and I hope Rabbit owners from all over become educated on the issues that may arise from owning a bunny! (Their fluffy tails are just so cute, I wish I was that fluffy. I wonder if I wear some rabbit ears they will give me a free goodie bag?). She also told me we are having a special day next month to give our free goodie bags for Rabbits, free literature regarding Rabbit well being and health care, and the best part is, there is going to be lots and lots of CAKES! (If I learn to Binky now, I might get free cake!)


If you've ever popped into the Centre, you may have seen our lovely Karen on reception. What you may not know is Karen has fostered hundreds of Kittens and Cats for us over the years. She really is a super-woman! She has hand-reared countless litters of kittens which is a full time job in itself, and still comes to work! So we all nominated her for an award at the Derby Telegraph's Heroes of Derbyshire awards at Pride Park. Karen came runner up for her category and we couldn't be more proud of her!

karen kittens 3.jpg

That’s all for now, and this will be my first and last post! I’ve got to go pack up George’s toys for him so we can move in with our new family. He’s very excited, bless him, and is currently trotting around filled with glee! Thank you for reading, and I hope you might be able to help an animal from the Centre find a new home. We would all like a happily ever after, after all.

Lots of loves and wags,
Mildred & George



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