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Magnum is best suited to home without children and cannot live with other animals.

Magnum is a handsome little chap who thinks he is a lot larger than he is. he can sometimes get overwhelmed when there are lots of people around or new faces around and his immediate reaction is to bark, however once he knows you are not a threat he is very happy to snuggle up on your knee for fuss and attention.

He would prefer a quiet home without much coming and going. Someone with experience of Chihuahuas would be recommended. He does need careful handling as to much to soon at too quick pace will provoke the wrong reaction form him.

He does respond well to training and has been learning to got to his bed when people are arriving to try and reduce the barking which he picked up quickly.

Out on walks he does have small dog syndrome and sometimes tries to take on the world. This is easily managed.
Age: 3 years 7 months.
Breed: Chihuahua
Colour: Cream
Sex: Male
Coat: Domestic Short hair
Size: Small
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