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* Tia and Dusty would like to be rehomed as a pair
* 11+ children
* Dog friendly
* Loving and affectionate

Tia and Dusty are Mother and Daughter and would need to be rehomed together as they are very close and would hate to be parted.

Out of the two Dusty is the more outgoing and energetic one whilst Tia likes to look on and observe rather than taking part.

Both are affectionate dogs who enjoy your company and would benefit from an owner who would be around to spend plenty of time with them.

They would love to live in a family home with older children who would play with Dusty as well as respecting tias need for a little peace and quiet sometimes.

We feel they will make wonderful companions.

Both dogs are always up for a good walk and love to be out and about exploring.

Both Tia and Dusty were completely covered in fleas on arrival and it took us several attempts to get them clear. now sorted they will require regular treatments to ensure they dont ever have to go through that again.
As you can see Tias skin is still a little sore at the moment but it should calm down given time and baths.

If you would like to give these loving dogs a wonderful forever home together please ask for more details.

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Age: 4 years 0 months.
Breed: Terrier
Colour: Brindle and White
Sex: Female
Coat: Smooth
Size: Small
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