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RESERVED.if you are looking for baby rabbits - look no further these cute little bundles of fluff are exactly what you need!

Abandoned in a box in the rain out side the centre as newborns these poor babies did not have a good chance of survival but thankfully we found them just in time.

They went on foster with one of our lovely volunteers who helped the mum bunny when her milk dried up through stress by hand feeding her babies for her.

Little by little they got bigger and stronger and they are now eating for themselves and have grown into happy and healthy bunnies.

They are all available for reservation now and ideally we would like them to go in pairs or a group.

Please come and see us today at the centre for your chance of adopting a baby in need.
Age: 9 weeks.
Breed: Bunny Rabbit
Colour: Black
Sex: Male
Coat: Domestic Short hair
Size: Medium
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Always check the pet is still available for adoption with us before coming down to visit.