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Sugar is a lovely female chinchilla who came into the centre after her owner could sadly no longer look after her.

Sugar is a very tame and easy to handle in fact the will jump onto your shoulder when you open her cage door.

Sugar needs a spacious accommodation where she can have plenty of enrichment and room to run around. she needs an owner who is willing to interact with her on a daily basis and get her out of her cage.

If you feel you have the space and time to give sugar a loving new home, please ask for more information or come down and pay her a visit.

Like larger pets small animals require plenty of love and attention too.

Please be sure to do your research before adopting a small animal it is important to consider how much time and space a small animal needs as well as ensuring you have the right accommodation and location for that accommodation.

We are always happy to help so please feel free to call us or email for help and advice.

Please also be aware when adopting a small animal for children some are nocturnal so will only be active at night.

Please be aware we are experiencing some issues with our email link on the website,

Please email directly to Thank you.
Age: 7 years 1 month.
Breed: Misc annimal
Colour: Silver
Sex: Female
Coat: Domestic Short hair
Size: Small
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Call Us: 01332 344620

Always check the pet is still available for adoption with us before coming down to visit.