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Provide a loving home for one of our animals.

Provide a loving home for one of our animals.

Animals Happy in Their New Homes!

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Princess (now Patty) - Adopted August 2014

rsz_princess_now_patty.jpgPrincess was a special little dog with lots of love to give. She was sadly completely blind however had a real joy for life and she wasn't going to let a little thing like being blind get in her way! Everybody who met her fell in love with her and even though she was 14 she still was full of beans.

She went to stay in a foster home where she enjoyed lots of love and fuss, and regained good body condition. Her fur began to improve and she really benefit from the extra TLC. After spending a few weeks with her fosterer a lady came forward after seeing her on our website. When she met Princess she, like us, loved her straight away and knew that Princess was the one for her. After a successful home visit it was time for Princess, now renamed Patty, to go home.

Her new owner has told us that Patty has settled in beautifully. She has made friends with the two cats in the house and loves playing in the garden and going for walks. She said that she is so thankful that they found one another. The picture of her is her happily settled on her special blanket. Despite Patty having a tough time in the past the rest of her years will be full of love, warmth and happiness.

Mildred - Adopted June 2014

rsz_mildred.jpgMildred was the very first hand-rear kitten of the year, when she arrived in April of this year. She spent the first 6 weeks of her life living in various staff members' houses while she grew. An Animal Collection Officer was called to a building site where builders had disturbed her mother. Her mother ran off and never came back so we took Mildred in. 

She was only about a week old when she arrived and her eyes were still shut when we first glimpsed her wrapped up her the Animal Collection Officer's hat. We knew straight away she was special - she was a ginger female! Most ginger cats are males so you know you've got a special cat on your hands if it's a ginger female.

We are always concerned about young kittens requiring hand-rearingrsz_1mildred.jpg as sadly they sometimes are just not strong enough to make it, no matter how hard we try and how many hours we put in. Luckily, Mildred was strong (and loud!) from day one. She captured the hearts of all the staff members who took her home. She also quickly gained a reputation for being the greediest kitten we'd ever known! She grew quickly - unsurprising when you witnessed the amount of formula milk she drank. She was snapped up early on by her new owner who saw her picture on Facebook and came straight down to the Centre.

She said that since taking Mildred home she has been a real comfort to her and is her constant companion. She has the perfect home for her and we're so proud of our little Mildred who fought so hard. Have a look at this lovely video of Mildred taken during one of her first night feeds with us.

Chip - Adopted 2014


Chip, originally called Shep, was fostered for us by one of our Trustees and once she'd fallen in love with him she just couldn't let him go! Here she tells us how he's doing one year on.

"This is Chip who was brought-in by Inspectors in 2013 (adopted 2014). He's a quick learner, we've already been going to obedience classes and agility is next (if I can keep up)!  From an insecure chap, he's blossomed to be loving, funny, a wonderful "brother" to my other dog and he adores the company of our human and doggy pals. It didn't take long to understand he's a water-lover too......"

Mouse (now Rufus) - Adopted October 2014

rsz_mouse.jpg"I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that our beautiful guinea pig Mouse (now re-named Rufus) has settled right in and is enjoying life with us! He has already been in his run in the garden with our other guinea pigs Elvis and Chester (albeit in separate compartments because they are boys!) and thoroughly enjoyed running around on the grass. He is a lovely boy and we will always ensure that he is well loved and gets plenty of cuddles. We always rehome animals from rescue centres and it is a lovely feeling to know that although they have had a rough start in life they will be happy with us.

I have attached a couple of photographs of Rufus in his new home!

Thanks for letting us adopt him."

Storm & Maisey - Adopted 2012

"After taking our daughter to see the animals at your shelter around this time 2 years ago, we came across Maisey curled up in bed with Storm. After losing our cat 'Pookey', which we also adopted from you, we had to think about getting a new friend for our cat 'Salem'. We went back to enquire about Maisey and discovered we would have to take Storm also. So glad we decided to adopt them both. Salem welcomed them into his home and they enjoyed chasing each other round the house. Sadly Salem also was ran over - Storm and Maisey do miss him as he was very cheeky and playful. Adopting all of these cats has been the best thing we ever did. They have fitted in to our busy family life and we are looking forward to given them their Christmas stockings again this year!"


Bigs - Adopted June 2014

rsz_bigs5.jpgBigs came into our care via an RSPCA Inspector in March 2014. Despite his barking in the kennels we knew he was a big loveable lad! However his barking did put off potential adopters so sadly he was with us for three whole months before he found his forever home. Luckily though, he did find it! His adopters have recently been in touch to tell us that he has settled in very well and they love him to bits. He is still difficult with other dogs, but that's a work in progress and we're so grateful that his adopters saw past that to his wonderful, big heart. They have told us how glad they are that they picked him and that they wouldn't change him for the world. We're so pleased for him!


Kim - Adopted June 2014

rsz_110439016_1035163403164608_1715243885601266643_n.jpg"6 months ago today thanks to RSPCA Derby this madam bounded into my life. Yes she may eat my tea, take up the whole bed, lick me to wake me up and be a menace. But life hasn't been the same since, and I know she would follow me to the ends of the earth. Thank you for finding my best friend Kimi."

Steve & Bruce - Adopted October 2014

Steve (now Reggie) and Bruce (now Rocket) came to us with their mother Bindi after they were picked up by an RSPCA Inspector. They spent a few weeks in our care and when they were old enough were rehomed together! Their adopters have been in touch to let us know how they've settled in:

"The brothers have settled into their new home very well. They are completely inseparable and do everything together - wherever one is the other is not far behind.They are very different characters. Reggie is bigger than Rocket but more timid; it is Rocket who is the brave, more adventurous one. He leads his brother into trouble and then escapes the scene leaving Reggie to be caught sat amongst the broken china! Rocket is a climber and will try and scale curtains, book cases and plants, whereas Reggie is a tunneller and loves to be under the bed, under the duvet or in a box. Although they have separate beds they are usually found curled up together in one, grooming each other! We are in touch with the people that adopted their Mum and step brother  - who we met by chance when we came to see the kittens - and we exchange family news and photos with each other. The boys have been neutered and had all their vaccinations and are looking forward to adventures in the garden once the weather improves.

Thank you for bringing such bundles of joy into our lives!"


Cassie - Adopted December 2014

rsz_cassie.jpg"We are delighted to let you know that Cassie has settled in brilliantly to her new home. Dexter (our male rabbit who had not bonded with an existing pair of 3-year old Black Otter Rex sisters) was lonely so we looked very hard for a partner for him. When we saw Cassie’s photo on the RSPCA website, we thought she looked like a good match. Cassie and Dexter had a very positive meet and greet at the RSPCA and bonded straightaway as soon as she came home with us a week later. They now live together in a lovely big double decker hutch with permanent access to a run. Cassie and Dexter love snuggling up together and are very affectionate with each other. They also have great fun racing round the garden and doing big binkies. Cassie is also very affectionate with us and will sit for ages on our laps having her nose scratched and then lick our hands in return! We are so pleased that we found Cassie and we all love her very much. Thank you."

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