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Gift in will


About us

We are an independent, self-funded animal rescue charity based in Derby. We rescue hundreds of stray, neglected, and abused animals every year and rehabilitate them with love, care, and any medical treatment they need until we rehome them. It costs around £12,000 per week to fund our vital work.

You can support the work we do by leaving a gift to "RSPCA Derby & District" in your will. There are lots of options for leaving a gift that won't stop you from taking care of your loved ones as well. You can choose a set amount or percentage, part of your estate, or a specific item.

Leave a gift in your will for:

RSPCA Derby & District
45 Abbey Street
DE22 3SJ

Registered Charity Number:


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We rehome hundreds of animals every year


Your gift could help towards our medical bills

Your gift could help cover a vet bill for an injured or unwell animal like Rose, who had narrowed nasal passages. She needed emergency surgery to help her breathe, which cost £1,000 but was essential for her wellbeing. As a self-funded charity, we have to cover the costs of routine health checks and treatments for all of our animals, as well as specialist and emergency treatments for injured or unwell animals.

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Our branch has been established for 150 years

Our Centre

You gift could help us upgrade our centre

We are always thinking of new ways to make the most of the space we have at our Abbey Street centre. We were recently able to build and furnish a small vet room after receiving a gift left in a will. You could help fund a renovation project like this to improve the lives of the many animals in our care.

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Your gift can help us be around for another 150 years

Lisa and Tia


Our supporter, Lisa, has left us a gift in her will. She said "I am passionate about the welfare of animals, especially dogs, as they’ve been part of my family for many years. I particularly wanted to support a local centre so there would be an impact in the area where I live. Derby RSPCA are self funded so I decided to help them continue their amazing work. That's why I have left them a gift in my will."

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Get in touch


Contact us for more information

If you would like more information, please contact our Branch Manager, Penny Lockwood, on 01332 344620 or email [email protected]