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Florence finally finds her forever home


Authored on: 30 April 2024

Florence, a 14-year-old Chihuahua/Pug cross, came into our care in May 2023 as her previous owner was unable to keep her. She absolutely loved being around people, and although she had a few quirks, we didn't think it would take long to find her a home.

Unfortunately, luck wasn't on Florence's side and she had 5 reserves cancelled and was adopted and returned to us 3 times last year. She spent Christmas with us and we had our fingers crossed that her luck would change in the new year.

Fast forward to February this year and a promising application came through for Florence. The family came to our centre to meet Florence for the first time and it went really well! Florence ran straight up to them for a fuss, something she didn't do with many people. She also showed a few of her quirky behaviours, so the family were able to practice her training plan, which they did brilliantly. It seemed to be a perfect match! We arranged a second meet, just to be sure, and it was another huge success! A few days later, Florence packed her bags and headed off to her new home as our team said a teary goodbye. 

Florence has been in her new home for a few months now and her new family sent us this update: "We had seen Florence on the RSPCA Derby website. She was back in the shelter after another failed adoption. We fell in love with her and brought her home on the 17th Feb. We soon learned you have to accept and love Florence as she is and it is not hard to do. She is our little OAP with attitude!"