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Elderly blind dog gets new lease of life!


Authored on: 09 April 2024

Last November, we took in a 12-year-old Jack Russell who had been found abandoned. Her skin was a little sore and her back legs a little stiff, but she quickly settled in and made friends with everyone she met. With limited hearing and her sight failing, Lilibet could have had a very long wait to find a forever home...

Thankfully, after only waiting for 5 weeks, Lilibet found her perfect forever home and a new lease of life! Her adopter sent us this heart warming update

"Lilibet settled down really quickly, within a couple of hours of getting home she had decided that my knee was the perfect place for a nap. She's a joy, full of personality, full of love and we do manage to communicate. I realised the first few days that she was trotting round the bungalow while keeping contact one side or the other with the wall, door frame, furniture etc. I had made sure there was nothing to hurt herself on and have had to extend this to higher levels because she is brave and a climber! She walks nowhere so I'm getting regular bursts of aerobic exercise jogging behind her. I've got a good sized back garden and we go out for walks last thing so we've got the streets to ourselves. I did think she had no interest in toys, but I'd washed my lovely Daph's small toys, so left them available in a little basket, she kept having a look but didn't touch them. On the second week I actually sat with her and gave her a couple of the toys, I'm pleased to say they now spend very little time in the basket. Thank you for the wonderful job you all do and for allowing me to adopt her. I think I speak for both of us when I say we are very happy."


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