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Many animals get lost or are stolen every year so microchipping is the answer to ensuring your lost pet can find its way back home.

Microchipping is a very quick procedure and involves a chip about the size of a grain of rice being inserted by injection in the scruff of the animal’s neck. It is over in seconds and is no more painful than your pet’s annual injections. 

The unique number is then registered on a national register. Any animal found straying will automatically be scanned for a chip by local authority’s will be traced straight back to you.

Remember it is easy for your pet to lose a collar, but they can never lose a chip. 


It is compulsory to microchip every dog in the UK since April 2016. 

We can now microchip your dogs, cats or rabbits for only £10 per animal. 

Please contact the centre on 01332 344620 to make an appointment.

Please note we will only microchip dogs of sound temperament, dogs with challenging behaviour will need to be done at your vets.

Just remember to contact the microchip company if you change your contact numbers and/or your address. Microchips are only effective if your details are kept up to date. 

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Make a donation.

Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre relies solely on the generosity of the local community (and beyond) in order to continue to support local animals.

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Claw clipping

Derby RSPCA provides a nail clipping service for dogs and cats.