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News & Events


Virtual One Fun Day

02nd June 2020

** Suggested £2 donation to enter your furry friend- donations can be made here-


Important information regarding adoptions

01st May 2020

* Updated on March 2021 * Important information regarding adoptions; 


They're going home!

22nd April 2020

Important information regarding adoptions during Covid-19;


Archie update

17th April 2020

Temp reserve

What is a 'Provisional Reserve'?

10th April 2020


Help for Archie

06th April 2020

Archie recently arrived at Abbey Street through an RSPCA Inspector.


Can I still reserve an animal?

04th April 2020

In short the answer is yes, but there are a few things we want to bring to your attention.

Holly Berry

Feel good Friday

27th March 2020

You can't beat a bit of the 'feel good factor' on a Friday.


Comfort in crisis

26th March 2020

Comfort in crisis: Leading animal organisations unite to support pets and owners through Coronavi